Tuesday, January 17, 2012

After Effects CS4 v9.0.0.346 - Portable

After Effects CS4 v9.0.0.346 - Portable 

After Effects CS4 v9.0.0.346
The program Adobe After Effects CS4 - is a set of flexible tools, which will give full freedom to your imagination and allow to quickly and easily create stunning visual effects and animated graphics on the level of the modern blockbuster.
For those not familiar with After Effects is a powerful tool to create moving images, apply visual effects and color correct with flexible tools that help you save time, but no creativity left side. In other words, Adobe After Effects has as main objective to be aimed at post-editing - a program to make adjustments and create effects on top of a video that has been edited.
In recent versions, After Effects has improved quite user interactivity and time savings during edits. The program also gives much more freedom when creating projects.  
After Effects CS4 v9.0.0.346 - Portable / Cracked

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