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Digidesign Pro Tools LE v6.7 / Win + Mac OSX

Digidesign Pro Tools LE v6.7
Win + Mac OSX

Pro Tools 6.7 software has been developed specifically for inspired musicians who require world-class tools to support and accelerate the creative process. With Pro Tools 6.7 software, MIDI sequencing capabilities are more comprehensive than ever, while MIDI recording, editing and mixing features are still as easy to work with as audio.
The audio and MIDI feature set in Pro Tools 6.7 has been greatly expanded to deliver tempo-dependent audio placement, tempo-dependent automation, graphic tempo editing, precise control of meter changes, MIDI step input, enhanced support for instrument plug-ins, MIDI Detective, and Beat Detective™ LE. Pro Tools 6.7 also brings true cross-platform parity for simplified session transfer with major MIDI functionality enhancements to Windows.
Pro Tools 6.7 software expands and enhances the Pro Tools 6.x feature set with features and benefits specifically designed to support the work of music composers. Those include:
New support for RTAS instruments on TDM Aux inputs provides better instrument plug-in integration, session organization, and LE/TDM session interoperability
Support for multiple plug-in outputs enables mixing and processing of individual sound sources from instrument plug-ins*
Simple yet thorough step-by-step song composition with the MIDI Step Input window — Facilitates building complex or difficult MIDI tracks
New MIDI Detective functionality allows generation of tempo maps and groove templates directly from “free” MIDI performances
With Beat Detective LE, Pro Tools LE users can now take advantage of many of the Beat Detective features previously only available to TDM users
The TC/E tool’s support for MIDI regions enables you to expand or contract MIDI passages exactly as you’d do with audio regions, allowing timing changes of individual MIDI regions without affecting the overall session tempo
Fast and precise drawing and editing of tempo curves are now facilitated through the Tempo Editor pane, including nudging and trimming of tempo segments
Flexible tempo curves, global insertion/deletion of time, and auto-editing of data when changing meter are all now available through the new Tempo and Time Operations windows
Tick (musical tempo)-based Audio, Aux and Master tracks keep audio region start points and automation in perfect sync with MIDI
Straightforward management of external MIDI devices on Windows XP via the MIDI Studio Setup window and advanced patch name support
With Windows-based systems, support of MIDI Time Stamping and MIDI I/O brings some of the most accurate playback timing resolution available on any platform, as continues to be the case on Mac-based systems as well
Organization by function within Pro Tools sessions is now available through color-coding feature — Color-code tracks, regions, markers and much more for instant identification
New Undo History window enables you to instantly and conveniently return to previous stages of a session’s development
Non-administrator user support for Macintosh and Windows enables users who do not have administrative access to run Pro Tools unimpeded, and IT professionals in facilities and schools to manage user preferences and access
Enhanced Windows interoperability with legacy Macintosh sessions — Open and convert older SD II-based sessions in one easy step
*Synth and sampler plug-ins must have multiple outputs designed to work with Pro Tools 6.7 functionality.
For more Pro Tools 6.7 details and screenshots, visit the Pro Tools TDM or Pro Tools LE software overview section.

Pro Tools LE v6.7 + Serial / Win 

Pro Tools LE v6.7 + Serial / Mac
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Only SERIAL for Pro Tools LE / TDM v6.7 - Win & Mac
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